Freestyle Judo Association

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The International Freestyle Judo Alliance (IFJA) includes international martial arts groups, sports organizations, yudanshakai, and independent clubs that aim to promote Freestyle Judo.




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Freestyle Judo

In the U.S. the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) sponsors and sanctions all Freestyle Judo tournaments. Freestyle judo embraces a combination of fighting styles such as modern jujitsu, sambo, and wrestling. Under freestyle judo, competitors specializing in standing techniques may use throws while those good in lower body attacks may target the legs. 

Historically, Judo in the 1960s up to the 1980s was recognized as a combat sport. The rise of Freestyle Judo simply allows the elements of good Judo to be applied in a safe and fair avenue. It is the only form of Judo that includes a “no-gi” category or a “Judo without a jacket”.

Given the flexibility of Freestyle Judo, enthusiasts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestlers, and Mixed Martial Artists, and Grapplers may enter the competition. Simply put, the rules of Freestyle Judo encourage one to use all skills and strategies related to good Judo. 

To determine the winner in a competition, a numerical scoring system for throwing and ground fighting is being used. 

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