Wall to Wall Martial Arts

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Wall to Wall Martial Arts is the largest Judo school in Louisiana and one of the largest and top-ranked martial arts training center in the United States.




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Wall to Wall Martial Arts

As one of the largest Judo school in Louisiana, Wall to Wall Martial Arts provides specialized training in Aikido, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, and Judo, offering classes for both kids and adults.

Their training facility uses state-of-the-art safety training mat in their custom-built “floating floor”. The programs are run by nationally certified Instructors.


Founded in 2004 by James Wall, the center began as a hobby operating in the owner’s backyard. Over the years, the academy grew as its quality instruction spread via word of mouth. In 2013 Sensei James Wall decided to run the school full-time in Oak Point Shopping Center in Watson, LA. A year after its opening, Wall to Wall Martial Arts outgrew its location and it had to be relocated once again to its current facility.


Visit the official website of Wall to Wall Martial Arts to learn more about their program offerings. 

LOCATIONlouisiana martial arts academy

34972 Old LA Hwy 16

Denham Springs, La. 70706




About the Instructor

Sensei James Wall

Louisiana martial arts academy

Owner and Head Instructor James Wall is a National Level Coach and Referee. He is one of only 4 active 4th Degree Judo Black Belts in Louisiana. 

James began his martial arts journey almost 20 years ago. During his years of study he has earned the following ranks and certifications:

  • Judo – 4th Degree Black Belt – USJA
  • BJJ – Brown Belt – RCJ Machado/Rigan Machado
  • Japanese JuJitsu – 4th Degree Black Belt – USJA
  • Aikido – 3rd Degree Black Belt – AFJ
  • National Level Coach
  • National Level Referee
  • Member – USJA Coach Education Committee
  • USJA Regional Coordinator

Wall to Wall Martial Arts aims to provide the best individual and group training experience to the community. 

They offer a range of training styles for people coming from all ages and experiences, to guide them in achieving their fullest potential. Their ultimate goal is simple: to give the best martial arts training, in whatever style fits you, for the best price. 

They instill the core values and life skills such as respect, discipline, self-control, self-esteem, mental focus on their students.